"Purity Is Power"

Why " The Ashram " ?

It is difficult these days to meet parents within India's estimated 200 million middle class population who have a good word to say about the nation's school system.

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The Ashram…its philosophy

The Ashram is an institution founded by Latha Rajinikanth, with the goal of bringing about a realignment and reformation in the Indian educational scenario.

With a passion for children and their upbringing, the Founder – chairperson and Creative Director Latha Rajnikanth went about researching on the ways in which education could do much more than just provide certificates through outdated system of examinations, whereby children undergo mental strain and agony.

Her ideas were to categorize the missing links in the educational system today, and evolve a more purposeful structure to the schooling years for an individual, followed by a more focused higher education at the College level.

This alone was not the vision of The Ashram, as the essence of the mission was to see an individual grow into a healthy-minded, right-charactered, wholesome, enterprising and dynamic person; who is ready to face the world and handle oneself with clarity and composure.